Making Graffiti Stencils

//Making Graffiti Stencils

Inspiration Board


  1. Start with thick paper. You can use cardstock, cardboard, or anything easy to cut through that can last repeated uses as a stencil.
  2. Sketch with pencil. Brainstorm your ideas. Use the inspiration board to help you. Draw out your stencil plan.
  3. Use thick marker to fill in areas to cut out. This helps guide you when you have to cut it out. Make sure to avoid thin lines that may be difficult for you to cut.
  4. Cut it out! For best effect, use an X-acto knife on a cutting mat. Hold down the paper with one hand to prevent it from sliding as you cut. You can also use masking tape on the edges to help you hold down the paper.
  5. Use as a stencil! Use your stencil with spray paint, paintbrush with paint, regular marker, pens, pencils, and anything else you have on hand. Make your mark on other paper, notebook covers, backpacks, shoes, clothes, and more!

Design Tip: Before you cut, review your design!

If you have a shape that’s in the middle of your filled in areas, it’s called an island. Add in bridges to prevent the island area from falling out after you cut it.