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DCMP Definition
Identifying a Problem Understanding the scope of a problem and its constituent factors. Breaking down a problem into parts that can be more easily solved. Translating a problem in a way that can be addressed by a computational device.
Decomposing a Problem
Transforming a Problem
Selecting tools, materials, and procedures Multiple tools or procedures may be able to accomplish one task. One must be aware of the affordances and constraints of each, and make informed decisions for use.
Iterating Design Prototyping and multiple revisions of designs and products
Troubleshooting/Debugging Systematically figuring out why something is not working.
Abstracting/Modeling Highlight key factors of real world phenomena and represent them through computational means. At the same time, recognizing the features of a phenomena that may be generalizable. Using models to understand the world and test theories and solutions.
Collaborating Working together toward common goals. Democratized decision-making. Sharing in success and failure.
Communicating to Audiences Using computational media to share with others. Using networks for help, discussion, and dissemination.